On Making Connections and Finding Opportunities

The past few months have been filled with incredible professional and personal development opportunities. I am so excited to share these experiences with the young women I mentor and help them find opportunities that will inspire and expand their worlds as each of these has mine. 

  • Omega Women’s Leadership Intensive a 5-day program bringing together mover & shakers to help shape courageous, wise, and nurturing leaders. During this past Fall’s inaugural program, teachers included Sharon Salzberg, Carla Goldstein, Mallika Dutt, Leslie Salmon Jones, and Michele Bertan.
  • The National Sex Ed Conference is the largest  place for sexuality educators to network and learn. All educators, teachers, professors, nurses, social workers, counselors, therapists, scholars are welcome. I attended thanks to a generous Pay It Forward scholarship, and am determined to make it back in the years to come.Image
  • Family Justice Center Alliance There are over 80 FJC centers around the country working to create a future that addresses the needs of survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. I had the distinct honor of meeting the two leaders of the FJCA who came to CT to help the current Center for Women and Families become the state’s first Family Justice Center. After attending the 2-day strategic planning sessions, I was ecstatic to be the youngest person joining their Development and Events Committee board!

Jocelyn Recommends: 

The Secret Life of Boys  This 20/20 program explores why boys tend to repress their feelings.  

Scarleteen is an online resource for teen and young adult sexuality education that has served millions of young people. Founder, Heather Corinna urged conference attendees to hire young consultants because “they have a lot more to offer than getting coffee and doing admin work!”

ImageDr. Brene Brown reminds us that we must be brave in order to create a genuine empathetic connection.
The Power of Empathy


Inspiring Quote

“Your greatest asset is not how much you know, or how much technical experience you have, but how you connect with others, how you bring forth and share the personality and the delight of who you are, and how genuine you are with others.”
~ Barbara Ruzansky