Where Have I Been? Letting Life Live Through Me

April 2014 Newsletter

It’s been a full, energizing month, and I’m excited to share 3 of my favorite new discoveries with you.

  1. Move The Crowd: Entrepreneurial Training for Next Generation Movers and Shakers
  2. Susan Cain’s A Manifesto for Introverts
  3. http://socialmedia.biz/2014/01/06/2014-conferences-social-media-tech-mobile-marketing/

Besides loving my 1stNTEN, Nonprofit Technology Conference, experience in March, the highlights have been creating the Embrace Yourselfie online space for promoting self-acceptance and self-care to women everywhere. Add me on Facebook, if you’d like to join us (we’re nearly 300 strong!)

Priscilla Munoz (conscious entrepreneur friend) and I are gearing up for our 2nd Desire MappingVirtual Club meeting with our friends from all across the US. (Check out herlatest project bringing together 50 New York City High School students to create change in their communities.)

About Schur Consultations
Jocelyn Schur is a fundraising consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, Best-Selling Author of “Speaking Your Truth ~ Courageous Stories From Inspiring Women” , and transitions coach for young women. For a complete bio visit:www.JocelynSchur.com
All Best,

Jocelyn Schur

 Where is Jocelyn?

Check out these 3 Free Events Coming Up!

Register to attend Civil Liberties & Public Policy at Hampshire College

RSVP to attend Realizing Rights for Women and Girls: Creating a Healthier World in NYC

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month
Join the Center for Family Justice: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes in Fairfield, CT

How are you letting life live through you?
Whether it’s spreading your values through parenting, nonprofit work, or paying it forward to a stranger, how are you letting life live through you in service to the world?

Contact me to share what you’re doing in your community and any upcoming events you’re excited to promote! Your response will be featured in upcoming newsletters, Twitter, and on my Facebook page to connect with others, share ideas, and to take action.

How can I help you? Read more about myconsulting and speaking services, and make a request to bring me to at your school, conference, or community group, or organization.


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