Reflections on What it is To Be Human

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When we are present to what’s happening around us and how it makes us feel, we are reminded of what it is to be human: To struggle, to suffer, to learn, to grow, to love, to transform, and to lose. For the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve dealt with mysterious hives coming and going and been confronted by the vanity that I typically feel I’ve risen above. Meanwhile, I learned I will be an Aunt to a baby girl this Fall. Today, as I headed out for a run in Central Park, I discovered an elderly woman had died and her body was being taken away. Life, death, and birth surround us. When we open our eyes, we recognize how we are all connected through our shared emotions, experiences, and milestones. Then when the train conductor gives us a hard time, we can forgive more easily. Who knows what he’s dealing with in his life today.

The ups and downs of these past few days has me reflecting on how we show up for ourselves and those around us in both the good times and the tough one’s.

Remember: The keepers of wisdom in our culture are the people who have experienced the most difficult things in their lives & the view from the edge of life is much clearer than the view that most of us have. Listening is an act of love. Sitting and being present with someone doesn’t happen that often. It’s one of the most profound ways to tell someone we love them.

Here is a link to one of my favorite healers & teachers Rachel Naomi Remen on Listening Generously:

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