May Flowers Bloom Update.

Over the past two months I’ve led my first crowd-funding campaign for NEARI School in Holyoke, become a certified Girls Circle facilitator, worked as a Policy Intern with the CT Nonprofit Association, and lead a social media campaign for the “Realizing Rights for Women and Girl Conference with Mount Sinai Hospital’s Global Health program. I loved the variety and opportunity to get to know innovative professionals dedicated to changing the world.

I am grateful to feel supported by so many opportunities and people and look forward to continuing to clarify our visions, discover ways to collaborate, and strengthen our voices.

Choosing Love,

Jocelyn Schur

In light of turning 25 this week and beginning my studies at Smith School of Social Work, I am calling out for collective wisdom that you received or wished you had received when you were in your 20’s (if you are in your 20’s: What advice would you give to your 15 year old self?) I’ll be sure to consolidate responses in my next blog post. Share anything from advice relating to finances, relationships, or career!
About Schur Consultations
Jocelyn Schur is a fundraising consultant, entrepreneur, speaker,  Contributing Author  “Speaking Your Truth ~ Courageous Stories From Inspiring Women”, and transitions coach for young women.

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