A healing mantra

I am a good listener. I am committed to listening to what people are telling me and also what they aren’t. I value being present and making sure those around me feel heard and understood.

I am fearless. I don’t let opportunities pass me by. I reach out to family and strangers alike to see what’s out there and go after new experiences.

I am open-minded. I love trying things and learning whether it’s related to health, people or something I’ve never heard of before. My friends admire my drive to step outside my comfort zone.

I am beautiful.
I am beautiful because of the way I carry myself. My presence. My energy is beautiful. And my smile and my eyes. I am beautiful because of my compassion for all different types of people and the blessings they bring into my life.

I am resilient.
I am resilient because I have to be. I am honest about that which challenges me while remaining optimistic that I’m growing and learning everyday. I show up for hard conversations and raw feelings.

I am brilliant.
I can communicate well with people and express and receive others’ feelings in ways that serve me in my relationships and professional interests. I am ambitious and hard working.

I am dependable.
I give of my time and heart to anyone in need. I get energy from doing for others and letting those I love know how much they mean to me and remind them they can count on me.

I am adventurous.
I travel alone. I couch surf in the US for the sake of meeting interesting people. I make an effort not to order the same food or eat at the same restaurant.

I am inquisitive.
I have an insatiable curiosity for who people are. I seek answers, advice, mentorship all the time.

I am inspiring.
I share my experiences and passion for living authentically and in doing so give others permission to do the same.

I am creative.
I prefer handmade gifts and cards whenever possible. I start things from scratch because I have lots of ideas and passion for creating and building.

I am funny.
I laugh at myself. I mispronounce common words. Sometimes call things by unusual names (i.e grocery carriage instead of grocery cart). I’m not afraid to make a fool of myself playing Taboo, Karaoke, or trying an impossible exercise at the gym.

I am amazing.
I am an amazing woman. An amazing daughter, sister, Aunt. An amazing lover and friend. I amaze myself with my own strength and desire to do good in the world.

I am strong, because I know this.

[Thank you to those who contributed to this piece, you know who you are! Thank you to SR Atchley for additional inspiration http://www.rebellesociety.com/2013/01/02/i-am-beautiful-a-healing-mantra-for-an-open-heart/)