Inspiring Quotes from my first AAPCSW Conference 2015

Inspiring Quotes from my first AAPCSW Conference 2015 (Click Here for Inspiring Quotes!)

The American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work (AAPCSW) Aims & Purposes:

  • To represent and protect the standing and advancement of psychoanalytic social work practitioners and educators.
  • To provide an organizational identity for social work professionals engaged in psychoanalytically informed practice.
  • To promote and disseminate the understanding of psychoanalytic theory and knowledge within the social work profession and the public.
  • To affect liaisons with other organizations and professions who share common objectives for social work and the advancement of psychoanalytic theory and practice.
  • To advocate for the highest standards of practice and for quality mental health care for the public.
  • To bridge social work and psychoanalytic discourses by integrating concerns for social justice with clinical practice, and to conceptualize psychoanalytic theory and practice within its broader social-political context.

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