Big milestones and social work updates!

I hope all is well by you.

It’s been nearly a year and I wanted to share some exciting updates.

This past Fall I helped organize two interactive art exhibits in cafes in Boston and Dorchester. We raised awareness about domestic violence and invited the community to join us for open mics to culminate the month. It was especially meaningful to create physical spaces for dialogue during the #metoo movement when so many survivors were glued to their screens reading testimony’s from friends, family, and celebrities on the daily.

This Fall I interned in a college counseling center and most recently I began at Mass Mental Health Center’s intensive outpatient DBT program

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  • Where am I headed next?
  • New Opportunities


Where Am I Headed?

In August 2018, I graduate from Smith College School for Social Work with my MSW.

As I complete my final internship, I am considering what therapeutic setting I’d like to work in. Right now, I am loving working on an inter-disciplinary team, the emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and group work. I am drinking the DBT kool-aid which is based in mindfulness and grateful for this rich training experience.

If you come across any great opportunities, I hope you’ll keep me in mind! 

Coming Up:

Join me at Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training in Great Barrington: Feb 17-20. This course is Entry Level Course for all Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Certificate Programs. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is accredited by IAYT and registered with YA.) They are still offering major discounts!

I am continuing to interview amazing leaders on my podcast, Transforming Trauma), and leading volunteers supporting an online community (4k!) of survivors. This Spring, I have been offered the opportunity to coach survivors in this 16-Week Beyond Surviving group program.

Very excited to shout out to my inspiring colleague and creator of Healers of the Wound, promote a conference Friday, March 16th, 10am-3pm. The theme is “Racial Trauma & Healing: Research, Policy & Practice.”  Stay tuned for details.

Happy Winter!

Choosing Love,


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