5. Home

Last night I finished a 10 week course at the Center for Mindfulness and Self-Compassion. The Center had an open house where I learned of their inspiring history of how they came to be through many years of planting seeds and cultivating a vision. The Director described the Center as his spiritual. home, his community.




If work becomes your home, or home becomes your work, it’s especially important to be able to say NO. Learning to say no has helped me find home in myself. A necessary magic, indeed!



A phone call with a union representative gave me a strong sense of belonging–and this simple quote grounded me, brought me home again. After some challenging meetings I read quotes by Dolores Huerta (some I’ve shared in this blog post) and I was reminded to advocate for labor rights is to fight for the right for all beings to belong. May all beings feel safe at work. May all beings feel valued at work. May all beings be protected by the law at work. May all being feel heard. May all beings feel seen. (more Metta phrases to come).


As we get older, do we decorate homes with quotes like this? This frame was gifted for a 50th anniversary present–photos of a beautiful couple from their kids.


Yesterday was the first time I’ve been asked if someone could play me a hymn! The pianist provides volunteer entertainment and plays weekly for his fellow residents at the Assisted Living Facility.


To find a home in ourselves is to figure out what truly matters. What are your values?


So many people work from home these days that there are now businesses dedicated to help people working from home FEEL at home, offering snacks and coffee, community events. I laughed seeing a job being promoted in the show notes of this wonderful podcast. Jobs are promoted in such creative ways! Check out this podcast and share the opportunity if you know someone who might be interested.


Love this workbook. One I’ll keep in my home for many years to come.


This was gifted by a friend and I shared the poem about Courage to the class as we closed the last session. It felt like we were at a campfire or playing show and tell, it was so cozy and homy.


The meditation teachers gifted each person this laminated Metta practice and said, “Keep in touch! They were like parents who were able to create a sense of safety that allowed for a rich experience. Chapter 9. “The Rest of Your Lives.”

What helps you feel safe in a class, workshop, conference? What conditions allow you to feel at home?


We are the mud and the lotus.


I’d be remiss to publish a post on home without acknowledging what’s happening in our “home” country.

Allowing the journey to unfold in its own wild way will always bring me home. Thank you, Danna Faulds, for bringing this blog post home.


Grateful to have created a home that makes leaving for work so difficult each morning. It’s taken years to find home. Where do you feel most at home?

Thanks for reading! This is getting easier by the day.

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