6. Cheer on a Rainy Day

Another rainy day meant I’d need to make a greater effort to find cheer. This photo is from one of my favorite book stores where I love to do work, especially at outdoor tables, but mostly to look at their selection of gifts and cards….okay, and books!!

Cheers to WORLD pride which means there are more tourists than usual heading to NYC this weekend because “New York is delighted to host the largest Pride celebration in the world, spanning the entire month of June.” I hear more businesses than usual have displays like the photo below.


Cheers to the only quote I’ve seen at the office happens to be pinned right next to my computer-a relevant reminder at any given moment. IMG-3145

Cheers to this Book of Qualities that is so beautiful to flip through.


Cheers to care packages to celebrate the people you love. Cheers to gendered merchandise and how much money is made off of making gendered clothing.


Cheers to donating books like this one. May it find a cheerful new home to bless with its wisdom.


Cheers to holding onto books you love and re-reading them on a rainy day.


Cheers to public libraries where I borrowed Invisible. Already devoured chunks of it and recommended it to several friends and colleagues. Cheers to the alumni from my graduate program who recommended it to me!


Cheers to solitude and an evening to myself to just do me.


Cheers to finding the perfect gift for someone you love and customizing a frame for the first time in your life. Cheers to spices and fresh herbs!


Cheers to group art projects and mandalas painted with love at Omega Institute where I remember many rainy summer days, fondly.


Cheers to sharing poems with the world (Peonies by Mary Oliver) and receiving photos of peonies in return!


Cheers to spreading the word about these offerings at the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion.


Cheers to life long learning and social workers everywhere!


Cheers to Ann for challenging me to blog again and reminding me that imitation is the best form of flattery.

Empowered women empower women.

Cheers to a less rainy day today, thank you for reading my post! I welcome your ideas and comments as I know they have the potential to make this process even more cheery.

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