8. Feeling Words

My day off filled me with a range of feelings and I guarantee you will want to challenge that some of these are not “feeling words”!  #socialworkerhumor

I felt relaxed eating breakfast without rushing off to work.



Awed by my 4 year old niece who graduated pre-K! img-3252.jpg

Sympathetic (consulted the feeling chart below to find this feeling word!) to be there for a friend in need.IMG-3247

Proud that I pulled this event off on a rainy lunch hour last summer-great turnout and fantastic presentation by Gretchen Schmelzer, Author of Journey through Trauma.  img-3257.png


Organizing the office a bit felt productive.

Amazed, humored, confused, pleasantly surprised I hang onto some of the papers that I keep…



Patient that all the organizing need not get done on my day off! In fact, I made sure to spend a small amount of time on this so I could feel more joy. IMG-3264

Excited to check out a CD gifted from an aquaitance–dissapointed I have to use my work laptop in order to do so since nothing plays CDs anymore!!  IMG-3266

Inspired learning more about the anniversary of Stonewall. #PRIDE #WORLDPRIDE


Apathetic noticing this pile of magazines.


Disgusted by the present waiting on my car after a relaxing  afternoon. IMG-3276


Content with my toes. Apparently nail salons are busy around 4th of July holiday, who knew?


Surprised serving raw cookie dough is now a thing.IMG-3280

Impressed a friend tried a new lip color and fell in love with it, too!




Curious about these beautiful questions from a John O’Donaue poem. Check out Courtney Martin’s newsletters for more intriguing and interesting news.






Grateful for this list of feeling words to inspire the title of this post and remind me what a great day of positive feelings I had yesterday! Checking in with how I feel now that I have to get going with the day. I feel tired and uncertain if it makes sense to write in the morning. Ambivalent about waking up earlier…no more apprehensive. Can I do it? What if I fail? Confident I’ll figure it out. One day at a time!

Thanks for reading! (especially to my Mother!)



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