9. It Was Worth it.

It’s worth it to have a bad day every now and then if it helps you appreciate the good days!

Worth learning to trust again if it helps protect your heart. .916B3415-3E12-4BFE-979D-DD5495A0922A


Worth heart break and instability and too many moves and transitions to get to this moment. Worth learning to receive love and and discovering new love languages, and savoring the joy of a home cooked meal. Worth learning to be present and grateful even on the hard days.


Worth difficult moments and conversations about ableism to family, friends, coworkers, bosses to remind folks that language matters. (Check out Mia Mingus’ incredible work.) It’s worth it to be visible to find your voice and use it in the service of justice. IMG-3309

Worth going through tough times to learn to empathize and empower others. Worth the gift of wisdom and resilience.



It’s worth learning to live with not #peoplepleasing. It’s worth discovering the power of worthiness. Enoughness. It’s worth asking what is unconditional love?img-3321.pngIt’s worth saving your favorite cards and quotes for a rainy day. IMG-3322

Worth holding onto this handmade card for so many years knowing it’s endured many moves, transitions, until it found it’s place. IMG-3323

It’s worth sharing this quote even though most famous quotes we share are written by men. Worth reminding all the value of integrity and service. It’s worth asking what makes you great today? What makes me great today? What does greatness mean?!


Today, greatness means beginning again. Letting yesterday be yesterday and today be today. Being open to possibilities and finding light in the darkness. Reminding myself and others we are never alone. Greatness means tapping into my wisdom and asking myself “What Do I Need In This Moment?”

Thanks for witnessing this experience. Was it worth it?


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