12. Transformation Tuesday

I’d love to give credit to whomever created Transformation Tuesday. Comment here if it was you!

Yesterday I made it my business to connect with two supportive colleagues and it faned my flames and reignited my fire.


On this day in history, I made a collage to thank the Omega Women’s Leadership Center for the transformational conferences, workshops, retreats they put on in 2012. I recently applied for a year-long program to join a network of nonprofit leaders there. No need to wait until then, today is Transformation Tuesday!


NAMI (National Alliance Mental Illness) transforms lives everyday. I proudly raised hundreds of dollars for my birthday this Spring. In return, they awarded this lunch box for all the funds that will their transformative powers expand. IMG-3445

This Spring I attended a fundraiser that the Survivor Leadership Collective hosted, their first ever Paint Nite. The activity of painting transformed the restaurant/bar space for the evening. It felt magical. Now the magic hands in my home and transforms my mind state when I remember to look up at it. img-3446.jpg

The. dried roses transformed my day my first week at my new job in late-February. The Social Worker Union came around to the hospital’s many sites and gave us roses for Social Worker Appreciation Month!


Receiving a piece of art or a hand-made anything transforms hearts. This piece was made by mother. Currently, we are searching for a missing painting in a basement. It looks like birch trees. If found, please contact us immediately.


Earning this degree was transformative. I hope to transform the piece of paper into something more official looking 🙂


This little book has the potential to transform how we think about work in a culture that seems to encourage workaholism. I’m ready for the holiday and won’t be posting for the next few days!


At the end of the day, it’s the people in my life who have been most transformative. It’s what inspired me to become a social worker in the first place. Relationships transform us. What does transformation mean to you? What can you transform today? A feeling? A space? An office? A mood?

Enormous trees fell on my family’s home in CT this past week (the same photo as yesterday’s blog, different sentiment). May all their neighbors and all beings be safe and protected. May all beings know peace. May each of you transform dis-ease and suffering. May you experience moments of ease today. IMG_3416-1.JPEG

11. Say Yes

It looked like another stormy/sunny, undecided weather day. I said yes to an invitation to meet a friend at the gym since it’s been hard to motivate while I navigate some debilitating fatigue.

Another dear friend and I had said yes (a month ago!) to getting together this weekend, so I was very excited to join a last minute trip to the beach with her and her boyfriend.

Brene Brown makes it sound so simple-what a beautiful quote! Saying yes to this today.


Say yes to looking within even when it’s easier to point fingers and place the blame everywhere but within you. Working on this!


Said yes to a generous invitation for lunch. Learning to receive whether a compliment, gift, or opportunity is truly a practice. (We did not eat lobster, but I said yes to this photo opportunity, with consent).


I said yes to adopting the “savoring” skill as soon as I learned about it and realized I could enjoy the things I love even more than I already do.


Yes to third-wheeling if it means spending quality time with friends in their favorite place, Plum Island. Pictured is Sandy Point since the bugs were too much at the Island. IMG-3400IMG-3391

Friend said yes to fishing even though it was buggy! IMG-3388

Yes to accepting reality that I grew up in the woods and trees fall on the house somewhat regularly.


I’m still ambivalent about this blog, but I said yes to it this morning. It feels grounding to do something everyday. I’d really like to say yes to a morning meditation practice, too.

What will you say YES to today?

Thanks for yes-ing reading my blog this morning, too. May your day be filled with meaningful yes’s (and no’s!)