About Me


I had a supervisor tell me how impressed she was by my resume before meeting me for the first time. I noticed the shame her comment evoked, I felt disconnected to this bizarre document that supposedly helps me find opportunities in the world. As I thought about my accomplishments and work experiences, which I am proud of, I realized what was missing. I had once felt so validated by this list, but now, it seemed like it belonged to someone else. Visit my Linked In page for “that stuff.”  What is missing on that list is all the stuff that matters. Not what I’ve done, but who I am.

So here’s 15 things that make me, me.

  1. I am the youngest of 3 and an Aunt to the two most adorable humans.
  2. I inherited my parent’s willingness to talk to anyone and everyone. As we joke, “There are no strangers in Dad’s world.”
  3. I’m a good listener.
  4. I am adventurous.
  5. I love travel, hiking, playing soccer/basketball, hosting dinner parties.
  6. I am curious & chatty. I am a seeker. I am creative.
  7. I love flash mobs and karaoke.
  8. I am too empathetic.
  9. I love spoken word poetry.
  10. I crave most: connection, authenticity, and creativity.
  11. Sometimes I like to do things that scare me, or at least the feeling after public speaking or advocating for something I believe in.
  12.  I turn into a giddy 4 year old when eating dessert or reuniting with old friends.
  13. I believe in celebrating diversity and sex positivity.
  14. I am in my zone when meeting new people.
  15. I am worthy.

Tell me about you. What matters to you? What do you believe in?


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