I am currently based in Boston, MA I’m also available for sessions and trainings by Facetime/Skype. Rates are based on a sliding fee scale, contact me for more information and to set up a free session to see if we’re a good fit! 

Sessions with Girls (ages 15-24)

During one on one coaching sessions, we’ll learn to navigate changing friendships, transition to high school or college,and healthy communication skills. Special attention will be focused on developing positive self-esteem and body-image. I will help you identify where you want to go and how to get there. You’ll discover the latest job searching techniques and learn how to utilize social media to find the best opportunities! Additionally, I’ll share my proven approach to networking, interviews, and distinguishing yourself from your peers. 

Speaking Events


I am a speaker and facilitator who offers keynote speeches and workshops for parents, professionals, and young people. Programs are research-based and focus on inspring and empowering her audiences to take advantage of all life has to offer.  Renowned for my motivational, and personable speaking style, I deliver unique insight and engaging stories. All programs can be customized to suit an organization’s needs and time preferences.

  • How to overcome adversity by connecting rather than isolating

  • The role of friends and family in helping a loved one heal 

  • What girls need to know on creating positive relationships with girls in high school 

  • How to create a personal board of advisors to guide you through life

  • The importance of using your voice to advocate for yourself and others

  • How to teach kids to embrace peers who are different

Social Media & Online Fundraising Consulting

  • I manage and strategize with business and nonprofits seeking to expand their audience and increase online engagement.Clients include: NEARI School, Rachel Grant Coaching, Friends of Team Westport, Mount Sinai Global Health, Cambridge Women Center, Incest Resources, Survivor Theater Workshop, Project Place, Adults of Child Abuse support group, Beyond Surviving Group.


Virtual Support Groups for Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

  •   You’re invited to join this supportive & healing community…

ASCA is an innovative and effective support program designed specifically for adult survivors of physical, sexual, and/or emotional child abuse or neglect, bringing them together within a nurturing and supportive community.

This virtual meeting is led by Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach, Rachel Grant & Social Work trainee and Coach, Jocelyn. Using principles from the Beyond Surviving Program, you will gain many valuable insights and skills through your participation in this group.
Each month, we will discuss and explore a topic that is key for healing from abuse, such as:
* Anger
* Loss & Grief
* Shame
* Triggers
* Hope
* Intimacy
* Self-Acceptance
*  … and more!
Our aim is to learn from each other and transfrom our lives into the richness and joy we desire.
Both men and women who are survivors of childhood abuse are invited to participate.
The ASCA guidelines state that perpetrators are not allowed to attend these meetings.
$5-$20 donations accepted. No one turned away for lack of funds.



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